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Source: Led Zeppelin Rock! - Zeppelin 2013 Reunion Tour!

An In Depth Look At The Car(s) That Inspired Kashmir...

The story began in 1973, after Led Zeppelin's whirlwind tour of the U.S in July a well earned holiday was in order. Bandmates Plant and Page, already enamoured with Moroccan culture and eastern music by that point, hopped on a plane to... [Read More]

Led Zeppelin Reforming in 2013? 2014 Tour?
Just read an interesting article where Rob Plant has apparently stated that he has “nothing to do in 2014? and that it’s down to Jones and Page whether or not they get together and reform in 2014.

Since we know in 2008 that Page Jones an... [Read More]

Good news on the horizon? O2 Reunion on Blue-ray
okay, okay, so its been too long since i posted any news about zeppelin in this blog, well, the time has come to post some good news…..

Unfortunatelly, as far as I am aware there will still be no reunion for Led Zeppelin any time soon, a... [Read More]

No Led Zeppelin Tour For 2009...
Its been too long since i posted in this blog! I’d love to say that its because I have been busy doing Zeppelin type stuff, but in reality, it isnt!

I went on tour with my friends band taking photos in Los Angeles, Arizona and Las Vegas,... [Read More]

Mick Walls: When Giants walked the Earth...
I got this book on release day, and I’m afraid to say i have been far too busy to get all the way through it… but i am into the 3rd chapter, so i can wrap up the first 2 atleast…

It is, So far, amazing to read… it is absolutely in depth ... [Read More]

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